"I hate the Christmas episodes because Michael always just self-destructs and it’s painful to watch."

"I feel like "The Banker" was supposed to be the series finale if they didn’t get renewed or something."

"I love how Pam always says "Oh Michael" every time he does something stupid."

"I loved how absolutely nobody could keep Michael’s job/be his boss. Jan went insane, Ryan was arrested, Miner was fired, Gabe went insane, DeAngelo died, Andy was internationally shamed. It’s kinda poetic how Dwight was the only one who could keep Michael’s job."

"I love how forgiving Meredith is. She forgives Pam for the lice, Michael for her cracked pelvis, etc."

Anonymous asked: sorry for asking, but what on earth does this mean: The Sabre Store would work if we adopted the carnival model of leaving town once everyone's wise to us. ???? English is my second language

I’m not quite sure, but I think what Robert is trying to say is that the Sabre Store built in Florida would be a great idea if it worked like a traveling carnival. He hated the store idea, and he knows people will hate it, as well. So, “once everyone’s wise to us” (everyone starts ganging up on us and bashes the store), we can just “leave town”, or move to a different location, speaking as what a traveling should would have done. If a town hated the show, they would just pack up and leave.

I think this is what it means, but if someone wants to elaborate or tell me otherwise (which I completely am okay with), then be my guest!

"There is a certain vulnerability to Andy that is quite endearing. And when he gets teary-eyed in the finale, I just want to hug him."

"The way Michael’s face lights up when he is included or invited somewhere by the others is precious. He just craves love and acceptance."

"I get the sense that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Jim Halpert and John Krasinski and I find that completely adorable."