"I hate it when people complain about a show I love, but none more so than The Office, and especially when they’re saying it wasn’t any good after Michael left, which just isn’t true. It was still a great show."

"I don’t know who John Krokidas is but whenever I see his name on Tumblr, my brain automatically translates to "John Krasinski". And then I just get disappointed when it’s not him."

"I went to that same high school as Jim."


It’s a different fish three episodes in a row. :)

"I thought Ryan was hotter with the beard."

"Jim is really attractive, but I don’t like his ears."

"The only reason I am learning to draw portraits using charcoal is so I can draw Office fan art, especially Jim and Pam fan art."

[A/N: This drawing was found using Google Images and drawn by the wonderfully talented desperate-endeavor!]

"Robert California was my favorite boss."

"I HATE Phyllis. I don’t know why, she just annoys me so much."