After watching season 8 over, it’s really not that bad.


high res

You would never guess that Angela would have more bleeped words than like half the office.

Sorry I haven’t ben on in a bit!

Have been in the process of auditioning for this production of Seussical out where I live.

And wellp… this guy is the Cat in the Hat.

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was wondering if you knew how old jim and pam were in the beginning of the office? :)

Jim was born on October 1, 1978, so he would have been 26 at the time the documentary aired.
Pam was born March 25, 1978, so she would have just turned 26 at the time the document aired.

Thanks for the question!


So funny!

Two of my favorite actors!



John and I really did go to Niagara Falls together—and the rest of the cast did not go. We celebrated the wedding with the cast and had all the big scenes together. Then John and I got on a plane and we flew to Niagara Falls and we shot all the stuff on the boat. So it mirrored the show in that way, and really was like a small elopement.

-Jenna Fischer

So, TECHNICALLY, John and Jen are married in real life.
I will accept no other answer.

alotofbeautyinordinarythings asked: That comment you added to the John Krasinski video was so wrong but also so right. :)

I mean, he was in some tight-fitted clothing and just got soaked.

I figured she would be all over that.


John Krasinski #ALSicebucketchallenge

After this video, I bet his wife was wetter than he was.