Anonymous asked: Do you like how I met you mother?

Like is an understatement. 

Anonymous asked: In your profile pic Jim's hair kinda looks ginger

Haha, he kind of does!

pam over the years

I am honestly so sorry for not being on..

.. I’m doing  3 musicals at once and it’s eating up all of my time (Seussical as Cat in the Hat, Side Show as Terry Connor, and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee as William Barfee).

I promise that I haven’t left you all! I love you and thanks for sticking it out! That’s what she said!



After watching season 8 over, it’s really not that bad.


high res

You would never guess that Angela would have more bleeped words than like half the office.

Sorry I haven’t ben on in a bit!

Have been in the process of auditioning for this production of Seussical out where I live.

And wellp… this guy is the Cat in the Hat.

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was wondering if you knew how old jim and pam were in the beginning of the office? :)

Jim was born on October 1, 1978, so he would have been 26 at the time the documentary aired.
Pam was born March 25, 1978, so she would have just turned 26 at the time the document aired.

Thanks for the question!


So funny!

Two of my favorite actors!